Artist Statement


I have always felt the art of photography is about more than just catching a scene on film.  I attempt to portray a vibrant envisioning of the world’s performance by taking daily life as my subject matter.  I prefer to capture a mood, preserve an event, or show a well-known image in a new or unusual way, and my work rarely displays the complete scene.  As a result, I can offer an interpretation without being hindered by the overall view.  I try to bring a vibrancy to each photograph, offering the opportunity to find something extraordinary, intriguing, and captivating – something that might have otherwise been missed.  

My works explore the mystery hidden in the eyes behind a mask, the space giving context for what appears to be a mundane routine, and the symmetry and relationship between modern celebrations and traditional rituals. Never sacrificing color or light, I hope to draw in the viewer with the emotion of the subject matter.

Delving into contrasts of color, shapes and light, I bring out the mood with the assistance of the tools I’m using, which range from medium format film and plastic cameras to moments brought to life by way of a digital SLR and iPhone.  I use both old and new technologies as a means of blending my photography into a storybook, combining fact and fantasy.  And all the while, never missing out on the world’s performance.