Lonely Palm Springs


Lonely Palm Springs is set in the iconic Riviera Hotel in Palm Springs.  These images allow the viewer to find themselves taken into a world in which we may be surrounded by others but feel utterly alone.



Devoid takes the viewer into situations in which no emotion or engagement is happening.  Whether it’s staring into a mirror or being in bed with one’s partner, the scenes are devoid of emotion. 



Capstone examines moments of discomfort that drive the viewer into the world of nightmares.  Whether being caught in a compromising position, or feeling that the weight of the world is drowning you, the cinematic scenes take the viewer inside the ultimate nightmare: their inner fears.  

Faces di Carnivale


Faces di Carnevale examines the masks used in the Venetian celebration.  They are vehicles for preserving one's anonymity.  The viewer can be anyone when  hiding in the midst of Venice’s Carnevale.

Short Films


Short Films is another area of my lens based art.  The story telling comes to life in moving images in which I continue taking life’s moments, secrets, and celebrations in a fashion that steps beyond still images.